Never Been Heard

(formerly The Musings and Learnings of a Widowed Bipolar Mum)

Month: Apr 2020

  • Has The Lockdown Saved My Mental Health? Are People With A Diagnosed Mental Illness Riding This Out Better Than Those Without?

    This lockdown has been incredibly stressful for me. Especially at the beginning. I was preparing to do one anyway and pull my daughter from school as I didn’t think the government was responding quickly enough but a week before the official closure of everything, she caught the Coronavirus. Luckily I was prepared.             I wasn’t […]

  • Bipolar Depression Is A Dark Beast

    Weighing heavy on my chest Rendering me immobile as I lay My best a distant memory Day by day by day Staring into the abyss Disconnecting as you devour me Nothing is worse than this I deteriorate hourly Your ugliness reflects back in the mirror But you’ve taught me not to care I have a […]

  • The Temperature Of Coma

    The Temperature Of Coma Staggering down the hallway Feet curled over you broke your flip flop. Struggling to speak, I didn’t know what was to come. Swaying side to side on the sofa Talking gibberish like a drunk, I thought it was the Morphine, I didn’t know what was to come. Seemingly eternal wait for […]

  • The Silent Scream

    The Silent Scream-A Scuplture In My living Room Heavy head, metallic and cream, Face lined with fear, a silent scream. Cracked and cold, chills my hand and my heart. This perfect sculpture is where we start. Eyes fiercely pinpricked, A soul that is old, A young aged face, a story untold. Deep-set eyes, Dark shadows […]