I must make time for me time, Even if just to write bad rhyme Or my head mutates to a stifled zone, Precipitating collapse With a mad tone. Balance I find hard to achieve it, Engines get revved with the things in my head Caring, social media, Wikipedia, Lost creativity, self activity, into tedium. BlessedContinue reading “ME TIME-Poem”

Lucky Us-A Love Poem

Your love was whole like creation Giving and nurturing, fun, never taking We had our own nation. Fragranced with energy Love balanced, Imaginative and wise, Sometimes disguised. Sapiosexual I’m told, Enthralled by your mind, Perspicacious and bold. Others clambering behind. Elaborate sexuality, Touch charged with electricity, Gentle, Rough, A perfect duplicity. Your love was whole,Continue reading “Lucky Us-A Love Poem”

A Whoosh Of Unidentified Grief

Laden with Grief, compressing my soul, Restricting movement, squeezing my lungs, A suprising turnout, midst debilitating burnout, I feel I’m coming undone. I wish he would visit and melt it away, I called he said he loved me but he’s too far from gone I need him with me now to pacify my fear. JustContinue reading “A Whoosh Of Unidentified Grief”

Fall From Grace-Vigilance & Honesty In Self Care

Yesterday I posted why I haven’t been writing and why I still can’t write for a bit and it’s all very true. But this morning I woke up and realised how I am neglecting myself somewhat and how putting my writing on hold is part of that. Writing is one of my ‘me’ things andContinue reading “Fall From Grace-Vigilance & Honesty In Self Care”