Never Been Heard

(formerly The Musings and Learnings of a Widowed Bipolar Mum)

Author: Alice Willow

  • I Don’t Like The Silence But I Don’t Want To Make A Noise-Grief & Anxiety In The Evening

    Since my husband died over 4 years ago, I’ve started to suffer anxiety at night. I’ve never really been an anxious person before and it took me some time to identify what it was. As evening approaches I start to feel unsettled, my activity level reduces and I just want to  get the essential things […]

  • The Effect Of Grief On Bipolar Disorder And How To Start To Overcome It

    Ideas explored deeply in my upcoming book “Finding My Sorrow-A Memoir Of Extraordinary Love & Journey In Grief & Bipolar Disorder”.               Grief in those with pre-existing Bipolar Disorder is an area which is poorly addressed in terms of literature, understanding and practical support. Grief Counselling for Bipolar Disorder should be provided by someone not […]

  • The Effect Of Parental Bipolar Disorder On Children

    The effects of Parental Bipolar Disorder is not extensively covered. Most articles understandably are about managing the condition and ‘doing for’ the  sufferer. But many sufferers out there have children and it is easy for their needs to go unnoticed especially given as they are often silent about them and do not express that they […]

  • The Absence Of Sex In A Shameless Widow

    My soulmate died of Cancer over 4 years ago. It was sudden and unexpected with under 3 months from diagnosis to death. My whole life changed overnight and I was of course completely devastated. My grief has not been linear. It has been broadly in 2 separate periods, delayed by my Bipolar Disorder, primarily episodes […]

  • Bipolar Disorder: Grieving Your Lost Self, Your Past Pain and What Might Have Been

    A follow up post to “Who Put Razor Blades In The Ice cream”               When I was a child I wanted to be an actress. I was talented. I had done it since I was about 5. I had good feedback from drama teachers and was in a local amateur drama group where I always […]

  • Who Put Razor Blades In The Ice Cream-My Bipolar Journey

    Ice Cream, Smarties and Holidays-A Happy Childhood?             I was born in 1975 and grew up in the calm and beautiful countryside, one of 3 daughters of 2 striking but relatively normal, extremely kind and nurturing parents with no history of abuse or trauma or significant loss. My parents were loving, as were my sisters, […]