Never Been Heard

(formerly The Musings and Learnings of a Widowed Bipolar Mum)

My Best Friend

My best friend, a gem for 28 year,

Rare, admired, valued, In my heart held so dear,

Shared laughter, past debauchery and sometimes a tear,

Shared secrets, shared growth and sometimes shared fear,

Always we listen, always we hear,

Even when apart, our love it is near.

She sees my worth, recognises my strength,

For me will go the extra length.

We are equals whose joy and love knows no breadth,

Friendship balanced, friendship with depth.

Together we flourish, filling each others monteith.

Never needed another, in happiness or grief.

Across the oceans she went away,

Much longer than planned, she decided to stay,

No more round for tea, no more out to play,

No more jolly, no more gay.

No more if needed to share our dismay.

But she’ll return and we’ll shout “Hooray”.

Confident she’ll be back for me,

Far apart we’re not meant to be,

My busy girl will be set free,

From heavy work and repression flee.

New horizons we will see.

Together planting fresh seeds of glee.

I love you Ukachi

Love Alice x

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