In Line, Serenity, Harmony

MEANS what to me? Absence of nagging anxiety, Without wild outbursts Inside of my head or outwards Simply hugging them and me Or wrapping my arms around a tree. In line, serenity, harmony Means what to me? In line, an ebb and flow is fine. Happy not to ride the rollercoaster, Intimidating, overwhelming times. LivingContinue reading “In Line, Serenity, Harmony”

The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream-A Scuplture In My living Room Heavy head, metallic and cream, Face lined with fear, a silent scream. Cracked and cold, chills my hand and my heart. This perfect sculpture is where we start. Eyes fiercely pinpricked, A soul that is old, A young aged face, a story untold. Deep-set eyes, Dark shadowsContinue reading “The Silent Scream”

Self Isolation & Bipolar Disorder, Living with someone with Covid-19

I am terrified of getting the Coronavirus. I never eat fruit, I don’t eat lunch, last time I had flu I really suffered and was wiped out for 2 weeks following which I got Bronchitis and  post viral fatigue for a further 2 weeks. In fact I’ve had Bronchitis 2 years in a row. IContinue reading “Self Isolation & Bipolar Disorder, Living with someone with Covid-19”