Never Been Heard

(formerly The Musings and Learnings of a Widowed Bipolar Mum)

In Line, Serenity, Harmony

MEANS what to me?

Absence of nagging anxiety,

Without wild outbursts

Inside of my head or outwards

Simply hugging them and me

Or wrapping my arms around a tree.

In line, serenity, harmony

Means what to me?

In line, an ebb and flow is fine.

Happy not to ride the rollercoaster,

Intimidating, overwhelming times.

Living within safe parameters

No crash and burn no deathly blow

A healthy life, not fast not slow.

A stable brain chemistry

Brings with it serenity.

The peaceful knowing,

That you WILL keep glowing.

No fear of the light,

No fear of the dark.

A hearty, stable energy,

Blessed harmony sets you apart

Comfortably and pleasantly.

Your prize for all you’ve seen

What you know and where you’ve been.

Free to live, create

And be.

With focus and clarity.

To healthily relate

To tasks., yourself and others

Friends, partners, parents, strangers, brothers.




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