Never Been Heard

(formerly The Musings and Learnings of a Widowed Bipolar Mum)

Lost but I will prevail

Hi. I want to work on my poetry so it has some more structure and form and traditional characteristics. But writing poems is very therapeutic for me and when I have to write a poem I just have to write it with my own rules.

I came to the park intent on reading a book on how to craft better poems but after a few pages I just had to write a poem triggered by my emotional state and the space I was in.

If there are any poets out there who would care to make any comments, criticisms, compliments haha or other on here or by email I’d really appreciate it. You don’t have to be a poet of course, feedback from people who enjoy poetry would be great also.

So here is todays offering


YOUR absences render me lost

Head full, mind swelling.

A cauldron of 7 years passed

A fragmented hell, directionless.

A ship off track without a mast

ALONE in the perfect sunshine

In the place we all once gathered

Eyes pressured with liquid pain

The multiplicity

Of all the storms weathered.

EYES aching, heartbreaking not fine

Duality not duplicity the life I lead.

Skilled pirate lost their treasure,

Sword lost it’s shine,

Battles fought, battles won.

It’s time to lay new seeds.

I’D LOVE you back to join me

To watch the other one fly.

Oh! Someone pierced the eyeballs,

I’m starting now to cry.

But it’s only momentarily

The subconscious hits a wall.

WINDOWS of time ignite uncertainty

After 2 years of strife, no space, no life.

What I was rebuilding

Disappeared around me.

Warrior Mum, my only goal in sight.

I LOVE you so much

I’m rejoicing your rising.

But the aftermath of what’s gone

Is truly surprising.

YOU were all I had to focus on

And now that you are free

I have to start a second time

To recreate all that’s me.

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