Never Been Heard

(formerly The Musings and Learnings of a Widowed Bipolar Mum)

I am the Master of Me

I am not broken,

Though my energies spent,

You were hell bent on destroying me

Though you faked concern, cloyingly

I am the master of me.

I AM the master of me

Boundless strength inside of me

A cleansing well to use

To fight memories of abuse

To reconnect my head to my body

Dispel the thoughts when they get rough

To take control, protect myself, kick back say enough is enough.

I am tough

My resilience knows no bounds

Everybody comments on it

So my inner strength can be found

Testament to my survival, my strength is here already

I need to grip stability

So no-one gets the better of me.

“The ability to withstand force or stress

Without being distorted, dislodged or damaged”

So when cruel witches or memories try to fuck with me

I’ll put my feet up and have a sandwich.

Skeleton strong, muscles turning to steel,

Should a vortex try and drag me in

I’ll nail it for real.

I’ll keep my focus finely attuned

This isn’t the time for open wounds

For now survival is the only key

No evil past or present will get the better of me.

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