Never Been Heard

(formerly The Musings and Learnings of a Widowed Bipolar Mum)

Savage Sisters Try To Steal My Sanity

Grotesque, greasy mouths, generate accusations and denunciations.

They slip easily from the ugly, gaping holes of empty souls.

Fired by spittle it’s plain to see they’re brittle.

A pile of stinking crumbs makes it clear the source is dumb.

But launched at someone with trauma, they penetrate the fragile aura.

With the force of a rape. My fights triggered now, I’m awake.

Now I’m bleeding, their friendship so misleading.

I’m angry, how dare you do that? How dare you set me back?

Careless games with the mind of another

Not what you’d expect from a sister or a brother.

Maybe a pathetic bully or a narcissistic lover.

Why would you hurt me when I’m struggling to live?

Situation reversed I’d be thinking what can I give.

So you are evicted, convicted, access restricted, gone.

And I’m frozen on the sofa depleted of song.

Your poking’s delivered flashbacks, dissociation, intrusive thoughts.

Do you know how hard I’ve worked, to put them behind locked doors?

Trying to rebuild life before assaulted with your gaslighting strife.

It’s not just me that gets the knife, you don’t consider your niece when you take a bite.

So the savages have ravaged.

But we’re not easily knocked down

Effects on my brain and body,

May take some time to clear

Still I’m alive, I’m a survivor,

Sticking with those I hold dear.

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